Sunday, October 6, 2019

Censorship of Mainstream Media Moves On to ‘Alternative Media’

Censorship will definitely be the new way to go by those who control the narrative in Mainstream Media, especially on their owned platforms, they’re not even trying to conceal this, they’re bragging about it.

If promoting LGBTQ, blasphemy, Zionism, Wahhabism, and New Nazism is allowed, why claim they have high morality over other issues?

If our children in Syria and Iraq should witness terror firsthand, see their parents slaughtered in front of them and people they know get beheaded in public squares, they themselves get raped and baked in bakery ovens like what US-sponsored ‘Moderate Opposition’ did in Adra Labor Suburbs north of Damascus, why your adults must be protected from watching what their tax money and their elected politicians invested in? Don’t you want to see the revenues of your... Continue reading:

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