Monday, July 15, 2019

Lebanon’s Unreported Ongoing Civil War

Under the glossy image of a functioning state in Lebanon, a failed state is already more dominant in the tiny country that witnessed a brutal 15 years civil war which was put to an end by the Syrian Arab Army’s intervention at the request of the legitimate Lebanese government that time and it managed to maintain peace in the country for decades until early 2005.

Sectarian warlords agreed ceasefire was sponsored by Saudi Arabia called Taif Accord which put an end to the political clashes that in reality never faded out especially that the same warlords who fought the civil war with the massive innocent blood of their own citizens on their hands became the leaders of the country without any proper accountability.

The 10400 square kilometers entity with 6 million Lebanese population and some Palestinians living there in inhumane conditions lives under an almost or exceeded US$ 100 billion public debt. mostly due to corruption spearheaded by the same leaders now claiming to fight corruption.

Despite receiving billions of dollars received by Lebanon for its role in... Continue reading:

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