Monday, June 24, 2019

SAA Confronts Nusra Front Terrorists in Hama and Idlib Countrysides

Nusra Front aka HTS terrorists loyal to the Turkish pariah Recep Tayeb Erdogan continues to breach the Idlib Agreement (Astana – Sochi agreements) signed between Turkey on the side of the terrorists and Russia and Iran on the side of the Syrian state.

The Turkish regime of Erdogan has deliberately failed to meet its commitments in dismantling the terrorist groups in the Idlib province by mid-October 2018 in order for the Syrian Arab Army and its allies to free up to 3 million Syrians living under the occupation of al-Qaeda affiliates in the Syrian northwestern province on the borders with Turkey.

Furthermore, instead of at least separating the normal head-chopper terrorists from the radical head-chopper terrorists, the Turkish regime helped the radical head-chopper terrorists of Nusra Front (aka Al-Qaeda Levant – HTS…) to solidify its control over the infested province of Idlib, and has recently supplied these radical head-chopper anti-Islamic Wahhabi suicide terrorists with very... Continue reading:

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