Sunday, June 2, 2019

Massive Quantities of C-4, Weapons, and Munition Left Behind by Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Daraa & Quneitra

Syrian security authorities continued securing the areas cleaned last year by the Syrian Arab Army from terrorism and has found with the help of the local residents 4 tons of the highly explosive US-made C-4 left behind by the terrorist organizations in the area of Yarmouk Valley, western Daraa countryside. Other weapons and munition were found in Quneitra countryside near the Golan occupied by Israel.

Why would the US regime, with the help of their European poodles and regional stooges continue to arm and support the same terrorists they claim they are fighting in the province of Idlib and impede the Syrian Arab Army measures to rid the Syrian people of their terror and free up to 3 million Syrian civilians living in the terror-infested and controlled province of Idlib, the same civilians the criers at the UNSC flooded the United Nations building with their tears over?!

A Syrian security officer interviewed by SANA explained the power of these explosives: These materials are highly hazardous substances, one kilogram as an explosive force of C-4 equivalent to... Continue reading:

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