Monday, May 20, 2019

UNSC Re-Meets to Try to Save al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

Outraged by Syria’s military plans to liberate every inch of the country from foreign run terrorists, the UN Mafia conspirators held another meeting in futile effort to save al Qaeda in Idlib.
The Security Council colonial freak show of 17 May included ominous western threats of another chemical fabrication, bathetic hysteria about “hospitals,” and pathetic groveling by the UN House Servants trying a preventative tap dance to keep the P3 demons from destroying their countries.

The gang of imperial miscreants in expensive suits and garish makeup, used their template from Aleppo and Ghouta — plugging in Idlib — was convened at the behest of what Belgium’s ambassador Marc Pecsteen called “the tree co-penholders,” Belgium, Germany, and Kuwait. While arrogantly growling that “We stand firm in our commitment to fight impunity,” Pecsteen negligently omitted noting that: Germany has long armed the terrorists in Syria, and was recently brought in to the filthy Small American Group on Syria; that Kuwait has a long history of weaponizing the “moderates” against the Syrian state; that his own country has so many citizens who invaded the SAR and butchered so many Syrians that the ICCT has a special report on his country’s “foreign fighters.”
Under-SG for Peacebuilding & Political Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, brayed about the “political process,” the “political solution,” chastised both sides, wailed about hospitals that do not exist in Idlib (which, according to terrorist sources, has a hospital on every corner, apparently), demanded imposition of the colonialist UNSCR 2254, and wants concrete evidence of the “release of detainees” — perhaps this is Newspeak for arrested armed criminals?
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