Friday, May 24, 2019

Ambassador Jaafari Slams USA, UK, and France’s Abuse of R2P at UNSC

R2P or Responsibility to Protect Civilians in Armed Conflicts act was introduced to the United Nations at the dark times of our recent history where the USA was the sole superpower wrecking havoc across the planet with no counterbalance to it. The idea the R2P act introduced was noble but the purpose behind it was evil.

The Responsibility to Protect Civilians in Armed Conflicts was introduced by its sponsors to give the western governments a legal cover for their breaching of sovereign nations by all means when they, and only they, deem the need to implement R2P.
A stark example where R2P is much needed to be implemented yet the 3 Musketeers desperately resist to implement it is to protect the Palestinian people under occupation and those in the besieged Gaza strip.
A stark example where R2P was abused against its principle it was covered with was the invasion of Libya based on fabricated lies, with no fact-checking, and NATO countries stole the mandate of the UNSC to expand alleged protecting of civilians in Benghazi to a full invasion and destruction of Libya.
Ambassador Jaafari addressed those and mainly the Western attempts to selectively implement the R2P against... Continue reading (Video included):

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