Wednesday, May 22, 2019

After the Humiliating Retreat Facing Iran, Trump Regurgitates Syria’s Chemical Attack Debunked Claims

Climbing the tree is very easy and fast for the US chiefs of staffs, however, bringing them down comes either humiliating or with a costly price to save their ugly faces, this happened with Obama and now with Trump, both, ironically, use the chemical attack lie in Syria, and the nuclear non proliferation lie in Iran, like how their predecessor George W. Bush used the WMD lie in Iraq, no creativity in lying using the same lies on the same fool citizens they have.
US Strike Force Heading to Persian Gulf
The main problem with US officials that they don’t think the foes they created for themselves also can have plans and get prepared for any confrontation, this was very obvious in the recent escalations by the War Junta in the White House war of words with Iran, the regional superpower in the Persian Gulf (aka Arabian Gulf).
When John Bolton ordered the Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group and a strategic bomber task force to pay a visit to the Persian Gulf, little did he know that the Iranians have the will to put up a fight if they needed. He didn’t know that the Iranian soldiers would die defending their country while the US soldiers readiness to die to defend US corporations greed and Israel is very unlikely.

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