Friday, January 25, 2019

Syria Ignored as CovCath, & CIA Mockingbird Go Pandemic

Syria fought off more war criminal attacks from the sky and from the ground on Sunday, 20 January. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, four Israeli F16s were fired from the Mediterranean, attempting to bomb Damascus International Airport. Using the Pantsir and PUK, the Syrian air defense system intercepted all 7 missiles. The F16 “Fighting Falcons” were developed for the US by General Dynamics/Lockheed, suggesting more American tax dollars continue to be busy in the west’s “final solution” against the Syrian Arabic Republic.

Hours later, explosions were heard on the ground, as three takfiri with suicide vests attempted mass casualties near Darayya. Intercepted by the Syrian Arab Army, two savages were killed and one arrested. Numbers of injuries among those nearby, have not yet been reported.

Again, consider that US taxpayer monies continue to arm the criminally insane against the SAR. It has been suggested that the air and ground attacks may have been coordinated. There have also been recent increases in terrorist ground attacks in Lattakia countryside. Lattakia is noted for mass slaughter and kidnapping of Syrian women and their children in the summer of 2013, some of whom were murdered as photo-ops for the Saudi-backed killers in al... Continue reading:

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