Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Syrian Electricity Army – The Unknown Soldiers

One of the main goals of the ‘War of Terror’ waged by the USA, its cronies, and stooges, against Syria is to destroy the country’s infrastructure to set the stage for looting it now and continue looting when timefor rebuilding the country. A main pillar of the infrastructure of any modern country is the Electricity Power sector.

Prior to the Syrian crisis, electric power was available to each house in the country 24/7 at the cheapest prices in the whole region. Thanks to the government subsidizing all essentials, which also sets an undesirable example to other countries with corrupt officials aiming to rob their own citizens.

Therefore, the country must be destroyed, and its electricity facilities from power generating stationsto the grid cables, to the smallest transformer in the last remote village must be destroyed after looting its equipment to the... Continue reading:

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