Sunday, December 9, 2018

Obama-Cum-Trump Regime ‘Coalition’ Bombs Hajin, Again

The Obama-cum-Trump Regime ‘International Coalition’ of war criminals has bombed Hajin, again. On Friday morning, another 8 Syrians were murdered, and dozens of homes were destroyed. As always, Trump’s ‘smart bombs’ kill civilians and avoid ISIS terrorists. We remind our readers that France’s Macron remains a staunch part of the murderous gang of Strangelove bombers.

MSM and faux independent media chide Trump for virtually everything except for his war crimes (faux left media is especially repulsive, preferring to bleat condemnation of Trump not praying instead of condemning the deification of yet another dead, war criminal politician). Omitting his war crimes would force them to mention that he has continued and accelerated that which was begun by.. . Continue reading:

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