Wednesday, November 14, 2018

US Airlifting ISIS Terrorists & Massacring Syrian Civilians

After exposing the relationship between the United State and the ISIS terrorist organization, especially in Syria, the US military dropped their caution in hiding their coordinating of the terrorists’ attacks to directly and overtly commanding these terrorist attacks against Syrians, contributing to most of it.

ISIS Air Force - Team America - Syria

On 10th of November, this month, local sources from the Suweidiya village, Hassakeh, reported seeing US helicopters carrying out an air-landing operation and air-lifting 3 commanders of ISIS.

US forces maintain an illegal military presence northeast of Syria, it commands the illegal and unauthorized coalition of rogue states military operations against the Syrian state directly and by Kurdish SDF militias and Wahhabi ISIS terrorists.

The sources reporting the 10th of November air-lifting operation maintained that the 3 personnel uplifted were... Continue reading:

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