Friday, October 12, 2018

The Khasheggi Saga among the Lunatics

Khashoggi Terrorist Among Other Things
Khasheggi Terrorist Among Other Things
Jamal Khasheggi has disappeared. He disappeared on 2 October, reportedly last seen entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, ostensibly to file papers for his upcoming marriage to a Turkish national. Ostensibly, he left his fiancee outside with directions to call immediately call Erdogan if he did not return in a timely fashion. Recep, another chief sponsor of terrorism, has gone bonkers while too, too many have turned blind eyes to the fact that Erdoganstan has become the largest journalists’ prison in the world.

Erdogan Press Freedom
No explanation was given as to why Khashoggi did not bring his fiancee to the US* — to where he previously fled — instead of taking his chances with the Saudis (from whom he previously fled) — but the photo of her…waiting, is quite touching. And prior to this fleeing thing, he was a consultant to the former head of Saudi intelligence and advisor to... Continue reading:

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