Sunday, October 28, 2018

Istanbul Quadripartite Summit about Syria, So?

Yesterday, 27th of October, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin met with Turkey’s dictator Erdogan, France’s Macron, and German’s Chancellor Angela Merkel in Istanbul to discuss the Syrian crisis, without Syria.

Istanbul Quadripartite Summit Syria - Russia Putin France Macron Germany Merkel Turkey Erdogan

Nothing new in the summit, it would be better described as a ‘Deafs Dialogue’, at least based on the statements we heard at the end of the summit.

Since Syria is not a party to a summit discussing Syria’s future, not much should be expected from such meetings, even though the Russian party tries to act as a guarantor for the rights of Syria, and all the delegates spoke of their commitment to the sovereignty and integrity of Syria, which they breached when they met to discuss Syria’s future in the first place.

Each of the parties repeated their same views they usually state in regards to Syria, covering their talks with sweet humanitarian talks and the need to respect the international law.

Erdogan, as usual, cried about the 3.5 million Syrian refugees his country is sheltering, and the almost 1 million killed in Syria. Figures highly inflated to serve in his milking of Europe, he can’t milk the... Continue reading:

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