Friday, October 5, 2018

I’m Gonna Make Trump an Offer He Can’t Refuse

saudi sponsor of terror
Trump will be given an easy offer he cannot refuse. The statistics provided by US-friendly sources put the casualties of the Syrian crisis at 600,000 killed, 7 million displaced internally and abroad. There are about 1 million Syrians with different disabilities, a large number that suffered traumas of all types.

Qatari’s former prime minister has stated publicly that the US’s ally Saudi Arabia and his country Qatar have both and alone financed ‘rebel’ (read: terrorist) groups in Syria to the tune of $137 Billion. That money was used to cause the destruction of Syria and the high casualties among the Syrian people.

Since the Saudi, and by all means the Qatari, regimes are dependant on the US protection, I can offer the US president a handsome commission of 5% as facilitation fees on the collection of ... Continue reading:

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