Monday, September 24, 2018

Under Trump’s Protection, Israel Vows to Continue Being an Outlaw

Israel criminal actions led to the shooting down of Russian plan
Israel, Emboldened by Trump, and all rogue state and non-state elements in the world have gone from rogue and shy to rogue and blatant.

When did we ever hear a state official sponsoring a terrorist bombing in another country, even within countries not in good relations with it? When did we ever see ‘non-state actors’ (US-sponsored terrorist organizations) overtly and blatantly adopting terrorist attacks and vowing to carry out more while no condemnations from the UNSC or the ‘international community’?

When did ever any party after engaging in a horrific, call it an accident if you may, that caused severe damage and losses in life in a ‘friendly’ state vows to continue to carry out such acts despite the condemnation of that ‘friendly’ state?

Today we heard the Israeli officials vowing to continue to bomb in Syria, which is illegal by itself and Syria does maintain its right to respond at any given time on any date in the future against any... Continue reading:

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