Friday, September 7, 2018

Google’s YouTube Hands in Brewing False Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib

Google YouTube Terminated Syrian SANA Channel
It’s not the first time Google shows its real nature, a tool in the hands of the Establishment to be used when needed, and it does have a powerful impact especially among the masses with its multiple arms spread everywhere in daily lives and news sources it can wreak havoc in unprepared communities, YouTube, a Google’s product has an infamous reputation in that.

Influencing the masses by media manipulating is a science by itself, the masses in communities fed that these are trusted news sources and those are not over years and decades of constant brainwashing, the more brainwashed and ignorant masses are the best tools to destroy those communities from within.

Having billions of mainly useless videos, video channels, watched minutes in its credit, YouTube is the main source of image media reaching the targeted audience at their convenient time on their convenient device is what makes this tool effective, yet very dangerous, especially when handled not by media producers, rather by intelligence agencies with destructive agendas.

There’s no exaggerating in crediting YouTube with much of the Zionist (NeoCon – Israeli) plan to destroy the Arab countries aka Arab Spring. YouTubers published those infamous shaky videos focused on individuals narratives wearing bright colors in a gloomy... Continue Reading:

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