Friday, August 24, 2018

Trump Withdraws the Money but not the US War on Syria

Trump Makes the Deadly Mistake - Assad Must Go
As is his preference, Donald Trump announced by tweet, the end of $230 million funding of “stabilization efforts in Syria.” In reality, money is being redirected toward projects to overthrow the Iranian government by hook or by crook, while in Syria, Trump has convinced the Saudis and the United Arab Emirates to cough up the bulk of $300 million, ostensibly for development, but which any fool knows is designed to ensure the prolongation of the war on Syria, keeping it in a state of uncertainty, conflict and instability.

The US is not Leaving Syria. It Wants Saudi Arabia Acting as its Marshall
Trump foe, Senator Bob Menendez claimed it hands more power to Russia and Iran to bolster the position of President Bashar Al-Assad, typical of US politicians who dismiss the entirety of the Syrian people, focusing on one man whom they vilify... Continue Reading:

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