Monday, August 27, 2018

Idlib Terrorists Kidnapping Kids to be Slaughtered for Snuff Video

Idlib terrorists
Remember this child? Stripped naked, pummeled with a power hose, poisoned in snuff porn propaganda?
Idlib terrorists have been busy kidnapping civilians, kidnapping children, kidnapping as many non-terrorists as they can to commit another mass slaughter. The intention — beyond their Captagon-fueled bloodlust and criminal insanity — is what it has always been: To create snuff porn as the cover story for the war whoring leadership of US, UK, and France to criminally bomb Syria, again.

A bit of advice to the self-proclaimed independent authors who use the filthy language of Newspeak in your writing: Stop it. Stop it right now. No amount of propitiation of the paid pimps of war will get you a Pulitzer. Your groveling use of incorrect language makes you look pathetic, and certainly does nothing to bring the truth to your reading audiences.

Those who take up arms and murder civilians, law enforcement, and military in any country are terrorists. They are not “moderate opposition,” “opposition,” “militants” or “extremists.” They are mass murderers.  Terrorists have no more authority to arrest than any other criminal gang; would you dare to write that the Mafia, the Russian mob, the Colombian drug cartel has “arrested” more than one thousand young men?

Idlib terrorists may be divided into multiple factions. This is... Continue reading:

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