Tuesday, March 6, 2018

West Cries for UN Backed Terrorists who Slaughter Syrian Children

If I survive I will never go out of my room! This voice was of a Syrian child victim of the UN-backed terrorists in Al-Ghouta countryside of Damascus before he martyred as a result of his burns and other wounds.  On 23 February 2018, it was another horrific scene of the repeated scenario of shelling Damascus residential neighborhoods by the terrorists who control Al-Ghouta. It was a Friday holiday when people take rest from the work week, and the children get out to the streets and parks to play as it’s the weekend.

However in Syria, since this so-called revolution people go to their jobs, children go to their schools under constant threat of missiles, mortar and suicide bombings of the... Continue Reading: West Cries for UN-Backed Terrorists who Slaughter Syrian Children

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