Friday, March 9, 2018

UN P3 again Plotting with alQaeda for Live Chemical Attack | Syria News

After mountains of reports on the fake chlorine attack in a Ghouta neighborhood were refuted by real Syrian civilians, the UN P3 may again be plotting a live chemical attack to be blamed on the Syrian Arab Republic. Western msm idiotic videos and photos received from al Qaeda White Helmets should have been enough an embarrassment (e.g., screaming babies proves the babies are in no respiratory distress), but did not stop the White House from its sado-erotic musings on punishment to be inflicted on Syria.  Such sadistic war porn was seen in the aftermath of the Trump regime bombing the Ash Sha’irat air field based on the reports from British illegal and permanently de-licensed physician giving 24/7 interviews from Khan Sheikhoun.  

alQaeda White Helmets have become the primary news source of warmongering msm.

SAMS ghouls issuing a fine print retraction that there was no chlorine attack in Ghouta may have been that proverbial straw for the UN P3 gangsters — France, UK, US, world’s leading genocidalists —  to again consider a live chemical attack.   In response to this setback, and the increasing... Continue Reading: UN P3 again Plotting with alQaeda for Live Chemical Attack | Syria News

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