Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Photo Tutorial on the Death Squad Helmets | GRAPHIC!

As the Hollywood fifth column persists in acting as the Pentagon and State Department’s public relations bureau, glorifying terrorists against Syria, yet another fraudumentary supporting the death squad Helmets has been nominated for an Oscar. Previous hoaxes have all won awards, but they were mini-frauds. The current nominee, The Last Men in Aleppo, is a full length feature.  It is suitable for a voyeuristic audience stuck in arrested development of comic book heroes. Its title — perhaps subconsciously — erases women (invisible under terrorist occupation, as they are literally caged, tortured, imprisoned, or used as sex slaves), and obliterates the existence of men in the post liberated city.

This author remains enraged at the arrogance of the backers of phony first responders.  Despite the tens of millions in funding from the US, UK, and other EU countries, omitted from the expensive choreography, are the foundations of emergency care: Stethoscope, spinal precautions and related orthotics, and CPR. It is an abomination that only one organization of actual health care providers has raised its voice in condemnation of these malignant fakes — an abomination worsened when the... Continue reading: Photo Tutorial on the Death Squad Helmets | Syria News

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