Sunday, March 19, 2017

CNN Passive Threat to Dr. Bashar al-Assad about Regime Change in 2005

From an interview by CNN with Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad  in 2005 just ahead of a UN report on the assassination of Rafik Hariri talking about US's hard work for 'regime change' in Syria..!

CNN: There are some people, Sir, who say that you're the president, but maybe you're not fully in charge of those aspects, maybe you're "not in the loop", is that possible?

Assad: At the same time they say I'm a dictator, so they should to choose, you cannot be a dictator and not in control. If a dictator, you're in full control, and if you're not in control you cannot be a dictator. Actually, I'm not the first one and not the second one. I have my authority by the constitution, by the Syrian constitution, but at the same time it's not enough to have your authority, it's very important to make dialogue with the widest circle of people you can to take your decisions, and this is the way I work.

CNN: Mr. President, you know, the rhetoric of regime change is headed towards you from the United States. They are actively looking for a new Syrian leader.. They're granting visas and visits to Syrian opposition politicians. They're talking about isolating you diplomatically, and perhaps a coup d'etat, or your regime crumbling.. What you're thinking about that?

Assad: I feel very confident for one reason because I was made in Syria and I wasn't made in the United States, so I'm not worried. This is a Syrian decision and should be made by the Syrian people, nobody else in this world. So we don't discuss it in Syria.

CNN: What would happen, do you think, if there was an alternative to you? Who is the alternative to you?

Assad: Could be any Syrian, any national Syrian, and we have a lot. I'm not the only person who's eligible to be president, we have a lot of Syrians so we don't have any problem about that. But no Syrian will be allowed to be president if he's made anywhere outside our borders, this is a Syrian principle.

The difference between a home-made leader and an appointed puppet agent of the West.

image-from 2005 CNN interview with Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad
2005 interview

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