Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What would happen if President Bashar al Assad win the war against terrorists?

In a question to Quora asking 'What would happen if President Bashar al-Assad win the war against terrorists?', I had the following answer, which must be shared further beyond one site.

President Assad is winning the war against terrorists for sure, that’s the right path in history, and because he enjoys the support of the vast majority of Syrians (President Bashar Al-Assad, in the Eyes of Syrians - Syria News) and has some trustworthy allies on the ground, not as much in politics though (Syria and Iran in Discomfort with the Russian-Turkish Rapprochement - Syria News), which had an impact in prolonging this crisis.

Dr. Assad also has a very strong ideological patriotic national army and armed forces, listen to Mohammad Ra’ad, chief of Hizbullah bloc in Lebanese parliament describe the SAA: (Heroism and Bravery of the Syrian Arab Army)

He’s winning the war also because of his determination and solid steel nerves, most of which he inherited from his late father Hafez Assad (Hafez Assad: The Impossible Figure and the 'Bladder Diplomacy - Syria News).

In a normal justice world, after winning a battle against terror, the culprits who supported and funded the terrorists should face justice and be tried publicly and punished publicly, so would the terrorists as well.. however, George W. Bush and Tony Blair despite their conviction and the arrest warrants from international courts against them for their lies and destructive war in Iraq (Tony Blair Apologizes for Iraq War, Next Step? - Syria News), they’re not only still at large, but earning money on lecturing on peace and earning more money.

Dr. Assad will continue his current term and nominate and most likely win the coming elections as well and will oversee the continuation of the rebuilding of Syria already in process (Syrian Government to Deliver 30,000 Housing Units Early 2017 - Syria News).

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