Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bolivian President Evo Morales on Syrian Crisis & Iranian Nuclear Program

What the people of the world should listen to, and I put it here for them to read. It comes from the same person who said: "There won't be a coup d'État in the United States because there's no US embassy there".

".. in the Syrian crisis and in Iranian nuclear program problems with America, how do you view those crisis & what advise do you have from your example in Latin America that you may pass on to the people of the Middle East?

Answer: Well first, some powers have no authority, nor ethics, nor moral authority as presidents to speak about nuclear weapons. Secondly, conflicts within countries are provoked by capitalism and then they intervene militarily, and a good example is Libya, and Gaddafi, it was the Libyan oil for some powers, I should say I was in a meeting with heads of states in Europe and I was asking one of the presidents: Well now who is in charge of Libyan oil? And the president said: Don't ask me, ask the other president.. Another European president.

So, with the pretext of social conflict, nuclear weapons, drug trafficking, or weapons of mass destruction, for humanity.. these are all pretext to intervene and take over the natural resources in that country. We understand exactly what's going on: 

Anti-Capitalist governments and anti-imperialist governments are accused of being drug trafficking, and fomenting internal conflict then of course you need an intervention, but ultimately it's not social, it's really about natural resources not social conflict, that's why Bolivia does not believe in war or interventions, nor does it want to discuss that in the United Nations, if there's a democracy or no-democracy in the United Nations. It's not possible that all the countries the United Nations would be subject to the Security Council.. What Security Council?! It's an insecurity council for mankind around the world, that would be another discussion.

So, well, as peoples where need to avoid any social conflict, that's not the issue, without social conflict there would be no reason for intervening, there're groups where conflicts are fostered by the government of the United States, they create conflicts, as they have tried to do in Bolivia and in other places, and then justify a coup de etat as they've done in Latin America as well. And Bolivia after approving a new constitution we have become a peaceful country, pacifists, we don't provoke anyone, but everyone also should be prepared if there's any kind of territorial aggression against us. I come from the culture of life not from the culture of death. I do not share policies or actions around death as been planned by the Security Council, and there we have huge differences of opinion, as a president, as a government and as a country within the United Nations, once again that would be an ongoing discussion in order to make the United Nations more democratic.

Another example is the economic blockade against Cuba, they embargo, 2 or 3 countries rejected, all the countries in the world support Cuba, so why does the United Nations not make the resolutions be complied with? Israel & the United States reject and then all rest of the countries of the world are subject to the will of the United States and Israel.. What democracy?! And we can give many other examples of what happens in the world like that."

Watch the video:

If you don't come to democracy, democracy will come to you.


  1. Anti-Imperialist, which is why you support the Russian Empire.

    Lick my ass, Hugo Jr.

    Fuck Bolivia. Venezuela too.

    1. 'Russian Empire'? Oh boy.. You should reduce your dose of FoxNews a bit..

      It's USA & UK who have empires: Argentinian Fokland, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia.. Now add France in Mali..

      'Russian Empire'?!

  2. i am from ireland and ask any informed irish man about the empire of britan and they will tell you the truth ,

    now we have america taking over from britan as the ruling empire ,

    as faras i am aware russia never invaded any other states/nations, i would take russia over america any day

    stop watching TV. alltogether



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