Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why the USA Needs An Arab Spring Before It's Too Late?

Syria was self-efficient in food, resources, had nil public debt, had been a major obstacle in the face of Zionists dreams in expanding of the Zionist Colony of Foreign Settlements aka israel, is leading of nations not under the mercy of the US Dollar as its currency is not pegged to the dollar, doesn't depend on GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms - Food) and its army is 100% free of any US materials thus control, among other reasons.

Since the success of the fake revolution known as the 'Arab Spring' proved impossible in Syria, and since direct military intervention was faced with 3, not 1 but 3 Double Vetoes at the UN Security Council, by not 1 but 2 of the permanent members Russia and China, therefore the third option of using the very old and reliable asset the CIA has: Al Qaeda FSA insurrection was the viable option was left. 

Russia & China double vetoes at the UNSC -
although it requires only one permanent UNSC member state ambassador to raise his hand,
However, because they underestimated the Syrian Army and the support it has from the Syrian people, Al Qaeda failed to gain any significant gain in ground in Syria despite the horrific terror it spread and despite the massive destruction it's causing the infrastructure, so the Zionist leaders of the west and their stooges worldwide, the puppet regimes they maintain, calling themselves the 'International Community' where more than half of the Universe are not included, gone crazy and would go to war under any circumstances with Syria, western leaders are regurgitating the chemical weapons theory, a false flag operation directed at a town in Syria killing masses in a heinous crime against humanity, then blaming the Syrian government for committing suicide, and we have reported so many times of such false-flag preparations, and I'm personally sure they would even go as far as another 9/11, another Pearl Harbor, or any unimaginable theory if they have to and their mainstream media is always there to shape the public opinion accordingly, otherwise, we will witness before us the free fall of their project they spent decades preparing and billions of dollars, Euros, Riyals and Dinars would be drained. 

Weapons of Mass Deception -
All of these and more are owned by the same people, google it!
I, and many of my fellow Syrian activists as well as so many foreign analysts and experts have continuously warned the criminal minds in the west: Syria is nothing like anything they ever intervened with before, it's not like Libya, it's not like Iraq, it's not like Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Mali.. and definitely not like Vietnam, we will witness the end of the world as we know and their losses would be beyond imagining, we might lose heavily, we might die, but we'll die standing and we'll teach the world and especially those criminals a lesson that will last till end of times, if this is not it.

Zionist criminals ruling bankrupt western countries wouldn't mind showing you this
to avoid losing everything they built over decades 
So, if you're trying to find a reason why the US needs a real 'Arab Spring' and a real 'revolution', start with this one: 

A very important video clip to watch 

They fool you, they keep fooling you & they enjoy fooling you,
not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable.

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