Saturday, September 29, 2012

FSA Terrorists Burn Aleppo's Old Souq

If you can't control it burn it, that's the motto of the Turkish terrorists aka FSA thugs attacking Syrian government and people in order to further a regime change in this sovereign country for so many reasons, not least the New World Order, regional & international gas and oil pipelines projects, israel's safety among many other things.

We've seen what Al Qaeda, a branch of the FSA terrorist group, done to the Bamiyan Buddha Statue in Afghanistan that stood 1,700 years at a 150 meters height when they under the wing of Taliban in 2001 took control of the country there. 

Now, they're in Syria fighting the culture, heritage, history, tradition and the people of this old country, which history is recorded since 12,000 years and invented the alphabet some 7,000 years ago.

The Old Souq in Aleppo, a World Heritage site registered by the UNESCO in the year 1986 is now ruins, the hundreds of shops that make the living of thousands of Aleppo merchants and their workers are burnt to earth by the savage, barbaric, medieval terrorists whom were invented, supported, financed, trained by NATO and smuggled into Syria by Turkey, a NATO's very faithful member state.

It's heartbreaking to see lives destroyed and a country being burnt by these mercenaries under the guise of 'protecting Syrians' by destroying their properties and lynching the civilians not assisting their fake revolution. Now the source of income of these merchants is in flames. It's worth mentioning that Aleppo never witnessed any protest in support of the fake revolution, on the contrary, it's people held several rallies in support of the Syrian state and the president Bashar Al Assad. Here's one of them on 19 October 2011: 

Now the cavemen punished Aleppo residents and of course under the help of the western mainstream media which are ready to accuse the Syrian government while these terrorists 'were trying to put down the fire', watch: 

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  1. Watch the so called Syrian 'revolution' godfather call for burning the Syrian cities:



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