Saturday, September 1, 2012

Erdogan & More of Failing Policy on Syria

Let alone droning entire villages in southeast Turkey labeling entire Kurdish communities as terrorists thus depriving them their basic rights and committing mass murders against them, and if that's not enough then Turkish fighter jets goes in northern Iraq and drone villages there claiming they're chasing again 'terrorists' while at the same time importing real terrorists from all sides of the world, gathering them, training them then sending them to slit throats of civilians, throw government workers off roof tops of public buildings and other atrocities in neighboring Syria.

Well, who said you reap what you sow wasn't wrong at all, Erdogan sow Al Qaeda terrorists inside Turkey and he awoke all hidden sensitivities in this very sensitive region where people decided over centuries to accept mutual living is now in danger by inciting strife based on sectarian divisions. 

Because the current government of Turkey is anti-secular, very sectarian based and composed only of Muslim Brotherhood elements, after of course getting rid of those Muslim Brotherhood members not agreeing on the general NATO aligned policy by sending them to be slaughtered on Mavi Maramara, it builds all its policies on sectarian basis. It sees everybody in its own nation and neighboring nations with a sectarian view only and treats own people before neighbors as enemies if not from the same sect.

Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister called the people of Syrian occupied Iskandaron (Hatay) as terrorists because they didn't support his NATO policy against Syria, and because they do not accept to see Al Qaeda terrorists brought in to their land from the entire globe to fight the Syrian people whom they share with history, tradition, culture, habits, even family bonds. 

Erdogan tried to start a war at any cost, but was left alone crying, weeping and shouting, even his NATO friends let him down when the Syrians downed his plane, he's a phenomenal that should not lead a nation the size and importance of Turkey.

And since Erdogan, like so many others, base his decisions on what Al Jazeera, CNN, FoxNews and other NATO propaganda news houses show, he wouldn't have seen this:

Thousands of residents in Antakya rally against imperial intervention in Syria and in support of Syrian president Bashar Al Assad, listen carefully:


Some photos of the rally: 

This was a few days ago: 

And all of that because of these terrorists brought by Erdogan, he calls them FSA 'Free Syrian Army' aka Freedom Fighters, in reality mercenaries with Jihadist ideology and Al Qaeda affiliation:

You got the idea? Who would like to have such criminals in their neighborhood? 

A story from an eye witness: "The Situation in Antakya escalates continuesly. Yesterday, four bearded men rejected to pay their journey with the common bus line in Atakya with the known farce that the invoice can be send to Erdogan because he brought them to there. The bus driver (mini bus) reacted very cool and said he cannot stop now, he has to drive about 500 metres further. He brought them to the main station of Cekmece (near this station). When they arrived there, the other drivers were already waiting with "Haydars" and have beaten the four bearded terrorists up by them. The four terrorists are now in the hospital and the mini bus drivers said to them that they could send the invoice for the hospital to uncle erdogan.

"Haydar" is an known nickname in Antakya for a 1m long thick wodden nightstick which has every mini bus driver there to care about people who arent nice.

Meanwhile in a restaurant in Kuzeytepe (Near the centre), a similiar group of bearded men rejected to pay. The waiters fetched the whole team of the restaurant and have beaten up the group of the Erdogan-backed bearded fighters.

In addition the center park is crowded with the bearded fighters and foreigners. When the inhabitants (men and women) go jogging or walking through the park, the bearded groups talk to them, annoy them, assault them and even threaten them. Pepper spray isnt avaible anymore at the black market. Also, there are more indicators that several groups of the bearded terrorists have started to argue with other bearded groups and even fight against some others now."

And you still think the Syrian Army is the one committing atrocities in Syria or defending its country and its people against the filth of the filth of the Earth?

When you were told that tens of thousands of Syrians were protesting against the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad last year and they were showing you protests with shaky images, the reality was millions rallying for his support in the major cities:

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable.

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