Saturday, June 23, 2012

Washington Post the Warmongering Newspaper

The Washington Post, and of course other NATO aligned media are at it again, they know the weak-point of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan and they're pushing on his nerves to make him retaliate for the latest slap on the face he received from a Syrian soldier defending his country and downing one of Turkish fighter jets violating the Syrian territories, sea or land.

Sultan Erdogan Pasha The First, was promised by USA a Sultanate over Sunni Muslim countries from China to Morocco

Ottoman Sultan Erdogan using religion as a horseback to revive the dead Ottoman Empire
It's a right for any country to preserve its sovereignty and its territorial space by all means, those violating the space, land or sea of any sovereign country are violating international law and asking for a war or least a conflict. No country will tolerate any such stunt by any other country, not even friendly countries at peace time, how about hostile countries at conflict times?

Yesterday, a squadron of NATO member state Turkey violated the Syrian territorial space, coming from the coast to the west at high speeds and low height, testing as it seems, the air defense reaction of the Syrians, the response was swift and at least one attacking plane was downed using merely a machine-gun. Some eyewitnesses reports spoke of 3 or more attacking airplanes where 2 of them were hit, one downed in the sea and the other on land and both inside Syrian territories, while the 3rd was allowed to leave. One of the downed planes seems to be an F16 which crashed later near Kassab, north of Syria before the border line with Turkey, the other an F4 crashed in sea opposite Ras Bassit coast north of Lattakia. Reports of at least 2 pilots captured were also filling the social media based on local residents testimonies.

It is very known that Syrian diplomacy speeds to downgrade any such stunt to defuse any possibility of a war, because Syrians experienced wars and know what cost such wars have, however, the respond yesterday showed that soldiers in Syrian air-defense had orders not to tolerate any invasion, however, the Syrian official statement spoke of one plane only downed and not much in details.

The Syrian official statement gave an exit to the Turkish leadership out of the embarrassment by stating an un-identified airplane violating Syrian territorial space and was downed, but NATO media instead of using this as an advantage don't work to promote peace, it works in the other direction, and the following article in Washington Post is one of the examples:

Well, I wrote a comment there which at the time of writing this blog didn't see it posted, so I copy it here again: 

I'm sorry, but the warmongering policy of this paper seems not working and should take another approach if it wants to retain any credibility.

What is obvious in the statement of Turkish officials is their regret and sorrow and not their threats and arrogance: 

“will make its final position known once the evidence is fully uncovered and will determinedly take necessary steps.” <= That seems only they'll wait investigation results to absorb the Syrian reaction, figure out what 'went wrong' and 'take necessary steps' not to be repeated.

I know what anti-Syrian stance most of the journos at this newspaper have, but this is becoming so ridiculous, so blatant and so disgraceful. Wars cost lives, if you don't think so go and visit Arlington and see for yourselves when you invade other countries what happens. Then think of those civilians slaughtered in the countries you invade. Add to that the fact of the 'Turning Point' in international relations when the first Double Veto was used against NATO intervention (UN Humanitarian Intervention) in Syria. Even the USA & allies didn't realize what happened and had to try again after 4 months and got the same reply. Game Over Guys. Now you don't invade and get away with minor losses, the other camp is very much eager to payback the last decades criminality the west imposed on the world, they're very much ready more than the westerns, and have all necessary tools, manpower and money to pay back. And remember, Payback is bitch.

Next war, God forbid, will see Western cities targeted at its hearts, and for what? For exporting democracy you lack at home? Before the crisis in Syria started, 16 months ago, Syria, a country of 23 million citizens had 11 political parties represented in the Parliament and those with majority were represented in the cabinet, now there are 19 political parties. How many parties are there in the USA, the country of 320 million citizens? So stop the foolish stunt it won't do you any good, and people realized the crimes you commit in the name of humanity.

As for WP: it's just one of their pathetic attempts to shape the events overseas to the benefits of the military industry and bankers lobbies. Just a sham.

This time by one of its tools in the region: Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan
"They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're 'Foolable'."

Be Nice to America or they'll bring Democracy to your country.

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