Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Syria's First Lady in a 'Rare' Public Statement, How Rare?

Huffington Post posted an article titled: Asma Assad, Wife Of Bashar Assad, Speaks Out, as if she didn't speak before and then clearly indicates that this is a 'Rare Public Statement', we will see how rare and why NATO mass media is twisting facts in a comment we posted to the same article online and we quote here:

No clue from where you get your news, but I think the Syrian first lady appeared in public during the past 11 months in Syria much more than the US first lady since her husband took office in the USA, as a start.. Maybe not a press interview or an email to a newspaper, but how many first ladies do such a thing?

As for the 'poor timing', all timings are poor if you like or rich if you want, depends on your personal opinion which doesn't matter during war times.

Shelling of Homs is being a fact in NATO and allies media like yourselves, but by whom? You directly state that it was by government forces, I'd very much would like to see your evidence and how you reached to that conclusion when there's as all your media say: Defection in the Syrian Army, so it means that defected soldiers wearing government uniforms using artillery and tanks they took with them when defecting! so it's more likely that they might be those shelling the city and since you can't prove it I wonder how you state it as a fact?! 

War propaganda is a very sophisticated psychological science and especially when you are targeting people of the oldest civilization who taught the world how to write the alphabet, I was expecting much more hard work by you when warmongering so you don't expose yourselves so obviously, look again at the article above and look right beneath it to the picture of the 1st lady appearing in public and listening to her husband's speech in public less than 1 month before this date! 

Your strategy might still work with masses who believed that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction WMDs back in 2003 to justify the invasion and destruction of Iraq and slaughtering over a million Iraqi in order to spread 'democracy' there, the same 'democracy' your OWS 'Occupy Wall Street' movement much needs; or the fantasy of 11 cavemen planning in a Tora Bora cave how to take down two major towers in thousands of miles away avoiding all defence technology the world's number one superpower has and succeeding in taking the two towers down! Not only that, a third tower decides to go down in solidarity with its mates! just to again justify the invasion, destruction of Afghanistan and slaughtering of thousands of Afghani civilians in order to spread 'democracy' in their tribal country; or the undoubted mass media information that Gaddafi, the former ruler of Libya was 'planning' to kill 5,000 civilians in Benghazi so you decided to save them from Gaddafi so you can get to kill them along with over a 125,000 more to justify the invasion and destruction of Libya and get your hands on its vast reserves of oil and gas. Not to mention Somalia and the famine there caused because of the USA siege on the country and inciting conflicts between warlords there..

Yet, there you go again, but wait.. Why this time it's different? Why until now NATO hasn't moved in directly like it did elsewhere? Didn't all your media resemble Syria to Libya continuously? And now without any prior notice your media discovers Syria is not like Libya? If they tell you Syria is not rich with oil and gas like Libya, well that might be true, but there's countries who volunteered to cover the cost, so why didn't NATO interfere in Syria? There's only one reason: the potential danger on israel, and israel is what moves US politicians who mentions it continuously with every speech especially during election times. There's an imminent danger on israel should Syria be directly attacked by NATO, Syria's army is still intact, it even carried out huge drills a couple of months ago, it has missiles that one of them was tested and launched from a Syrian location and landed in Iranian desert with the Iranian cooperation hitting its presumed target with a 100% accuracy which US 'smart bombs' doesn't have. So why messing with Syria directly? Let's tell the public opinion that the president there is 'killing his own people', 'shelling peaceful protesters' by tanks, and use this new 'lie' to justify 'supporting the aspiration of Syrians by all means' to 'topple their own regime' without having to deal with a regional war.

"Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"; how about keep fooling me? Isn't it because you are so 'foolable'?!

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