Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Comment on Obama Description of Handling Hama Issue by Syrian Army Today

Since it's restricted to 250 words, we had to rewrite it to be like:

Doesn't Obama have something more important to care about? like solving the 'debt' issue instead of interferin­g in internal issues of a sovereign country?

Isn't it enough that instead of the change he promised to bring has done worse to the economy? Instead of hearing growth is accomplish­ed & debt is shrinking, it's ok to increase the debt ceiling? Who will pay that debt? Of course not those in power now, it's the next generation­s. Who cares anyway?

If any US Administra­tion ever cared for its people, the tax payers, it would stop creating more enemies all over the planet, invading sovereign countries, distributi­ng legitimacy among foreign presidents­, bombing countries, keeping fleets of Navy all over the world..!

Did Obama tell any of his tax payers how much does it cost to keep one single aircraft carrier deployed overseas for no reason? well just take this: it costs to run an aircraft carrier a day $1/2 Million, that's half a million US Dollars, taken in a form of debt with interest, at least 21 of them are running now: that makes the cost of $11.5 Million per day, not mentioning accompanyi­ng ships, patrol flights, engagement flights, satellite connections... etc. for what? just to play the role of World Police?

They do not save American Soil from Enemies, they create more enemies for US Tax Payers.

The link to the article & our comment # 6:

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  1. Check a detailed analyze by an Obama supporter who turned her down due to failing on his promises:



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