Tuesday, March 26, 2024

US Bombing Neighborhoods in Syrian Deir Ezzor, Civilian Casualties

The USA, the leading member of the NATO 'defensive' alliance carried out at least 10 bombings targeting mainly residential suburbs and main streets in 3 cities across the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor, killing a Syrian engineer and inflicting material damage.

US Bombing Neighborhoods in Syrian Deir Ezzor, Civilian Casualties

At 1:49 am, US fighter jets bombed the main street in Deir Ezzor city, the provincial capital in northern Syria, an outskirt of the city of Bu Kamal, and a neighborhood in Al Mayadeen, in addition to 2 villages.

Syrian Engineer Imad Adnan Shehab was killed in the bombing, a civilian who was heading back home during the night of the holy month of Ramadan in which prayers last till late hours after midnight across the Islamic world.

The information about the bombing came from the NDF, the allied forces of the Syrian Arab Army, who also reported the bombing of the illegal US air base in Al Hasakah province north of Deir Ezzor a day earlier, analysts are suggesting the US bombing was retaliation to the bombing of their air base which intensity indicates that the US oil thieves sustained measurable losses in.

Forces of several member states of the NATO 'defensive' alliance spearheaded by the US Army and includes their allies of Al Qaeda, ISIS (ISIL - Daesh), the Kurdish SDF separatists (formerly known as PKK), and the assorted Uighor terrorists of the Turkestan Islamist Party, and a host of so-called 'moderate rebels' affiliates of Al Qaeda Levant, all operate in Syria illegally serving Israel's interests and the interests of the Zionist 'elitists' ruling most of the Western world.

These forces of evil have no right to exist in Syria let alone to 'retaliate' when they get bombed, their only right is to be bombed without complaining until they leave, voluntarily or otherwise.

The world remains astonished at how the US taxpayers prioritize the destruction of other peoples' countries and infrastructure instead of building and maintaining their own in their countries, at the same time the US was bombing Syria, the incident of the Baltimore bridge occurred in the USA, Karma works, not to mention the spiraling out of control US public debt from their military spending.

More about this latest US war crime in this report: US Bombs Syria after Illegal US Airbase Bombed in Syria.

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