Sunday, October 8, 2023

I Solved the Israel Problem and to Stop the NATO-Russian War: Ukrael

To stop the blood-shedding of the real Semite people, the people of the Levant, at the hands of the real anti-Semite people, the European, American, African, Asian Zionist Jewish settlers and their masters, and to save billions of dollars and euros of western taxpayers hard-earned money, I came up with a Nobel Peace Prize-worthy solution, I called it Ukrael.

Ukrael, Solving the Israeli Problem: Give them a Ukrainian Oblast

Basically, it would be a global effort to correct a historical crime against humanity committed by Britain and then supported by the Western hemisphere, to a large extent by the USSR later on, and by willing fool and unwilling nations, that is the creation of the so-called state of Israel.

The idea of creating the 'state of Israel' was never to benefit the Jews, they are explicitly prohibited by the Torah from creating a state, so it's not a religious thing, it's the contrary, and that contrary has to do with the so-called Zionist political movement, a criminal ideology not less evil than that of the Nazis almost a century ago.

To learn exactly about Zionism, its roots, how it grew, who it controls, what it seeks to accomplish, and through which methods, I invite you to watch or read a book introduction by its author in this invaluable post: Political Zionism in the United States of America – Astounding Facts!

Now, to solve the Israel problem I came up with Ukrael, which is to ship the radical Jewish European, American, African, and Asian settlers from Palestine into a Ukrainian oblast, I chose Odesa for a few reasons inspired by the Russian President Putin's description of the city as a Russian and Jewish city in his latest speech at the Valdai forum, in addition to these reasons:

Odesa is a coastal city, that gives more economic viability to a new state; Mr. Putin says it has a major Jewish heritage, it's within Ukraine from where a large number of Jewish people were shipped to occupied Palestine, the current head of the regime in Kiev, the porn comedian actor turned president with the help of a Jewish billionaire wants to make all of Ukraine another Israel, and its location helps serve as a buffer zone between NATO member states and Russia.

It's also not far for logistical reasons.

More benefits of creating Ukrael and shipping the Jewish settlers from Palestine to it, in addition to earning yours truly a Nobel Peace Prize, including helping rebuild Ukraine with the monies of the large banks some Jewish families have supported the creation of current Israel.

It will stop the bleeding of the pockets of US, European, and British taxpayers' hard-earned money, as it's a one-time payment that will also be much less than their annual contribution to keep the existing Israel functioning.

How about stopping the flooding of refugees into Europe, many of whom have to go through the sea and die at it? This entire refugee plight is the result of the US and other NATO member states invasion and destabilization of the countries in the Arab and Muslim world just to protect their current Israel.

And other reasons I've mentioned in my post on Syria News: Ukrael, Solving the Israeli Problem, Give them a Ukrainian Oblast.

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