Wednesday, November 16, 2022

UN Envoy: Sanctions Pushed 90% of the Syrian People Under Poverty Line

The US-led European Union contributed sanctions against the Syrian people sending 90% of them under the poverty line, the once self-sufficient nation which successfully fought and defeated the world's largest armies of terrorists sponsored by some of the world's superpowers and super-rich countries are struggling under the poverty line.

90% of the Syrian People Living Below Poverty Line – UN Envoy

After 11 years of combating Al Qaeda, ISIS, and their derivatives sponsored by the USA and its NATO / European Union lackeys, the Syrian people are now fighting hunger and harsh living conditions all are man-made, man but not humane.

Terrorism destroyed Syria's infrastructure, what the terrorists failed to destroy was destroyed and looted by NATO's first, and second armies, the US army, and the Turkish army.

Not only that the USA regimes of Obama (and Biden), Trump, and Biden have sponsored all sorts of terrorist against Syria, and occupy the country's food basket and main oil fields, the USA and its European Union stooges impose unilateral coercive measures against the Syrian people, wrongly dubbed as sanctions, a complete blockade by preventing international corporations and institutions to deal with Syrian businesses including banks.

The UN Special Rapporteur on unilateral coercive measures and human rights Alena Douhan visited Syria and spent 12 days with the Syrian people and raised the alarm very high.

“I am struck by the pervasiveness of the human rights and humanitarian impact of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria and the total economic and financial isolation of a country whose people are struggling to rebuild a life with dignity, following the decade-long war.”

More in this report: 90% of the Syrian People Living Below Poverty Line – UN Envoy.

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