Tuesday, August 23, 2022

US Army (Oil Thieves) Faces Syrian Army Checkpoint in Northeast Syria

A column of US Army accompanied by Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists tried to storm a village in the northeastern countryside of Syria but was faced by a Syrian Army checkpoint.

Syrian Army Checkpoint Blocks US Army Column in Qamishli

The US army column of six armored vehicles with an additional vehicle of their proxy Kurdish separatists was blocked by the Syrian army checkpoint guarding the entrance of Al-Salhiya, a small village in the eastern countryside of Qamishli, Syria's largest city in the northeast of the country.

US column brought in helicopters to the site but the Syrian Army boys were not budged and forced the oil thieves of the US army and their little thugs to back down and retreat to where they came from.

This is a common confrontation, the Kurds, if they were alone they would stir problems with the SAA checkpoint and might engage with them, usually these will be followed by larger confrontations, however, the oil thieves of the US army fear for their lives, they do realize they are occupation forces tasked to steal Syrian oil and the motivation is with the people of Syria and their army, US soldiers killed or wounded would be like mercenary thieves during a heist they prefer not to take their chances.

More about this latest incident: Syrian Army Checkpoint Blocks US Army Column in Qamishli.

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