Friday, May 13, 2022

Israeli IDF Terrorists Brutally Assault then Kidnap Deaf Palestinian Child

The Israeli IDF terrorists brutally assaulted a 13 years old DEAF Palestinian girl at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Al Quds (Jerusalem), the 10 heavily armed foreign imported settler terrorists then kidnapped the child.

The video can be watched on RumbleBitChute, and TikTok.

To clear their way, the IDF terrorists fired tear gas canisters directly at the unarmed civilians mostly women who were at the scene.

Israel is a temporary entity built on theft, they stole the land of the real Semite people, the people of the Levant with the help of the former crusaders, they stole the name of Prophet Jacob who was nicknamed Israel, and to further defy God they claim to worship, they established a 'state' which they want it as an apartheid Jewish state against the commandments of the Torah itself which prohibits the Jews of establishing any state at any time and that they should live among the other communities.

If you think you're serving God by helping these foreign settlers in the Holy Land by thinking you're expediting the return of Jesus Christ, what the Evangelical Church believes, you're in reality serving the Anti-Christ, look it up.

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