Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Landmine Explosion Kills a Shepherd and his Sheep in the Central Syria

A new landmine detonated when a shepherd took his sheep to graze in the outskirts of his town in Central Syria, the shepherd and his sheep were killed, these incidents continue to claim innocent people's lives long after the terrorists were defeated and expelled from these areas by the Syrian army and its allies.

Syrian Shepherd and his Sheep Killed by Landmine Explosion in Hama

This latest landmine explosion took place in the outskirts of the Sheikh Hilal town in the northeastern countryside of Salamiyah, the region was carefully selected by the terrorists and their US sponsors due to its location connecting the north and the east of Syria to its western and southern regions.

Another family devastated losing its bread-earners, more families financially hurt with their sheep killed, the reason? We need to ask western taxpayers whether this investment they selected in supporting the 'freedom fighters' in Syria is more important for them than rebuilding their own infrastructure? From the welfare of their own people with the increasing number of homeless, people on food stamps, incarcerated population, and those losing their incomes due to the current measures because of the 'pandemic'?

More in this report: Syrian Shepherd and his Sheep Killed by Landmine Explosion in Hama.

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