Saturday, September 4, 2021

Biden Withdrawing his Troops from Syria's Oil Fields!

After the humiliating defeat in the 20 years war in Afghanistan, it seems the Biden junta are packing to leave Syria, at least this is what this report suggests.

Biden Forces Secretly Withdrawing from the Oil Fields Northeast of Syria

Al Alam, an Iranian media outlet with connections on the ground in the Resistance Axis said it obtained information that Biden forces occupying at least 3 Syrian oil fields have secretly left their military bases in those fields in northeast of Syria.

Well, let's not rejoice too fast, there are still 10 other military bases stealing Syrian oil in the same region, however, one of these withdrawals, the outlet states, is from Al Omar oil field in eastern Deir Ezzor, this is the largest oil field in Syria and has been siphoned by Obama through Al Qaeda and ISIS, then by Trump and now Biden directly by their forces and through their Kurdish SDF separatist terrorist groups.

If this is true, there would be sweep withdrawal from the rest of Syria, the Syrian resistance is already targeting Biden forces and their Kurdish proxies, and there would be the left-behind Kurdish terrorists and their families, a redo for the umpteen time by the Pentagon for its stooges around the world.

More in this report: Biden Forces Secretly Withdrawing from the Oil Fields Northeast of Syria - video report included.

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