Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Al Qaeda Affiliated Terrorists in Ras Al Ayn Fighting other Al Qaeda Affiliated Terrorists

NATO member state Turkey sponsors a number of terrorist groups affiliated to the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood doctrine, the religion followed by Erdogan and former chief of Al Qaeda Zawahiri, these terrorists are large in numbers, beefed up with weapons, and occupy large areas of northern Syria under the direct protection of the Turkish Army, NATO's second-largest army.


Not only do these Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists fight the Syrian army and terrorize the Syrian people from the areas they still occupy, they always have in-fightings between their warlords over spoils of war and territorial control.

The latest clashes between commanders of Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists were in the northern Syrian city of Ras Al-Ayn, a strategic city on the borders with Turkey, the NATO member state. Unfortunately, only 5 terrorists were wounded by gunshots and none of them were killed in this round. We do not mind these terrorists fighting each other, less work for the Syrian Army, except they're fighting inside the cities and the innocent Syrian people are paying the price more than the terrorists.

Worth noting that the Turkish madman Erdogan continues in the role he's tasked by former president of the USA George W. Bush assigning Turkey a leading role in the Greater Israel project dubbed 'Greater Middle East' project despite the consecutive setbacks he received in failing to take over Syria, the army toppling his Muslim Brotherhood workers in Egypt, and now in Tunisia.

Prominent author and expert on Syria Miri Wood details more in her expansive report: Terrorists Loyal to Erdogan Occupation Forces in Syria Continue Fratricide.

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