Thursday, February 4, 2021

New Biden/ Israel Aggression against Syria Late Evening Yesterday

Biden is demonstrating his Obama 2.0 redo which is not really different than Trump's policy except it's discreet instead of overtly disgusting, in Syria and against the Syrian people through the use of proxies, Israel is one of them.

Israel bombs southern Syria from the occupied Golan

Late evening yesterday, Wednesday 3rd of February, Israel carried a large attack against different targets in Quneitra province in the southern Syrian region, it's the 2nd already during the 2 weeks of Biden's reign as the new US lobbycratic leader of warmongers and evilness.

Israel fired a barrage of air to surface and surface to surface missiles from across the occupied Syrian Golan at around 10:40 pm, without provocation, and in coordination with an attack carried out by an ISIS group against a Syrian allied force on the Deir Ezzor - Tadmor (Palmyra) highway which killed 12 of the allied forces.

Don't ask about the violation of international law and the breaching of the United Nations charter, the United States of America will defend the criminal nature of Israel to the last US citizen.

More in this report: Breaking: New Israeli Bombing of Southern Syria.

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