Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Iran Takes the Challenge to Space Launches its First Home Made Space Rocket

Iran announced it has successfully launched a satellite-carrying rocket into orbit and showed footage of the launch yesterday, Monday 01 February 2021.

Iran launches Thul Jenah satellite carrying missile into orbit

This is a major breakthrough for Iran when the USA and its cronies are trying to curb its defensive missiles program and its regional influence with threats, sabotage, cyber attacks, assassinations, bombings, and unprecedented sanctions, Iran gave them the middle finger, metaphorically speaking.

Let's take the negotiations to space.

The USA withdrew itself from the JCPOA multinational agreement which was also ratified by the United Nations Security Council, even when the USA was still in the agreement in the last 8 months of the Obama second term, the US has pressured all international corporations into continuing to boycott Iran, Iran didn't benefit from an agreement it gave concessions in yet guess who's making the loud noises?

Iran also gave Biden until the 21st of this month February to make up his mind and return to the JCPOA agreement or Iran will expel the AEIA watchdog inspectors from the country who are strictly monitoring Iran's nuclear activities as part of the JCPOA agreement. 21st of Feb means one full month after Biden assumed office, it's more than enough time for the same team who negotiated the first agreement to get back to it and reverse all Trump's steps. Instead, the Biden team are trying to add more conditions to the conditions, something Iran is rejecting completely.

This latest launch means Iran stripped the Biden regime of one of its major blackmailing cards, more in this report: Iran Enters the Space Era Launching its Own ‘Thul Jenah’ Rocket to Orbit. - video included

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