Monday, October 26, 2020

WHO Delivers Ambulances and Mobile Clinic Aid to Syria as US and EU Impose More Sanctions

 The World Health Organization WHO has delivered 3 ambulances and 5 mobile clinics as healthcare aid to the Syrian Ministry of Health in Damascus yesterday, it's part of its continuous effort to relieve the Syrian people.

The latest healthcare aid delivery comes as the USA and the European Union, the fake humanitarian and democracy promoters, increased their sanctions against the Syrian people which affects mainly the ordinary Syrian families by crippling the Syrian government's ability to trade with and acquire needed essentials from countries worldwide. The sanctions imposed by these two hypocrites, the USA and the EU, against Syria cuts the Syrian banking system from international access.

Throughout the past years since the US-led war of terror and war of attrition began against Syria in 2011, the WHO has provided 69 ambulances in addition to more than 30 mobile medical clinics to the country.

More in this report: World Health Org. Delivers Ambulances and Mobile Clinics as Aid to Syria - video included.

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