Saturday, October 3, 2020

Turkey under Erodgan working for Israel in Azerbaijan

 It won't take much time if one wants to find out whether Turkey is working for Israel and where, especially in the recent years under Erdogan and his anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood AKP party.

Turkey was all in against Libya when NATO decided to invade the country despite the massive contracts the former Libyan leader Gaddafi gave to Turkey, Erdogan is a Muslim Brotherhood, his cult betrayed his creator and his religion to serve the enemies of Islam he won't hesitate in betraying Gaddafi.

Simultaneously, Erdogan was all in against Syria, despite the fact that Syria opened trade for Turkey throughout the Arab world after the EU shut their doors in face of the Central Asian country.

Turkey is involved negatively in Yemen supporting the Muslim Brotherhood party there committing horrific crimes against the Yemeni people of all sects, the party Erdogan is supporting in Yemen is non-other than Al Qaeda.

Turkey is bombing and inciting strife within Iraq under the guise of fighting the Kurdish Working Party PKK, another tool in the hands of NATO to justify NATO interventions.

What's in common in all the above? They are countries that refuse to normalize any relations with Israel unless Israel withdraws from Palestinian borders and allow the Palestinians to return to their homeland.

Fast forward comes Armenia, a last century genocide that didn't wipe out enough Armenians. Erdogan sees an opportunity to complete the genocide against the Armenians his grandfathers started early last century.

To justify the genocide against Armenia, Erdogan supported Azerbaijan, a dominantly Shia majority country, but that doesn't matter for Erdogan. He managed to recruit tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood radicals to fight Shia in Syria and in Iraq, now he's sending many of them to fight Armenia because it supported Syria which is also supported by Iran which is Shia therefore the radical cannon fodders were excited to kill the supporters of President Assad who is supported by a Shia country, only to find themselves protecting a Shia country Azerbaijan against a Christian country. They are regretting accepting the recruitment in the Dajjal (Anti-Christ) army but it's too late.

Iran, Syria, Armenia, Libya, Yemen, are all no friends with Israel, Armenia despite establishing diplomatic ties with Israel few days before Azerbaijan's latest offensive, has supported Syria throughout the past 9.5 years of the US-led war of terror against the Levant country.

Husni Mahali, a Turkish career journalist writes more about the latest Erdogan's adventure serving Israel in Azerbaijan against Armenia, Iran, and even against Russia in this post: Turkey and ‘Israel’… Did they Cross Path in Azerbaijan?

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