Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Civilians Injured and Material Damage in a Motorbike Explosion North Raqqa Province

A motorbike explosion left several civilians injured and caused considerable material damage in houses and properties in the town of Suluk, north Syria.
From an explosion in Tal Abyad in July 2020

The explosion was one in series of such attacks between terrorist groups loyal to the Turkish madman and NATO top leader Erdogan in the border region of Tal Abyad, northern Raqqa countryside.
Erdogan forces in the Turkish Army and al-Qaeda assorted terrorist groups operating under his command have worked hard to replace the residents of the areas they infest with the families of members of the terrorist groups, most of whom are not Syrians like the Chinese Uighur, and others.
More on this and some background about the anti-Islamic Muslim brotherhood, the religion of Erdogan and his AKP ruling party of Turkey in this report: Several Civilians Injured in a Motorbike Explosion in Tal Abyad Countryside.

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