Saturday, September 5, 2020

Beirut Port Blast: 190 Killed, 6500 Injured, and $15 Billion in Losses

A Lebanese official body under the Prime Minister's office issued its weekly report about the estimates of the losses of the Beirut port blast last month, the figures are much higher than ever estimated.

The report titled 'Beirut Port Disaster Situation Report' states that 190 people lost their lives in the explosion that occurred on the 4th of August, 43 of them were Syrians, last month, more than 6500 others wounded, and three are still missing.
300,000 people have become homeless, and more than 50,000 houses have been impacted, the report adds. The estimation for losses cost at US$ 15 Billion; and that is still not the final evaluation.
Out of the countries that rushed to deliver humanitarian and relief aid to the devastated city was the United States of America, its contribution is noted not because it's more than the others as it should be taking in account that the US has the main hand in the explosion directly and indirectly throughout decades of manipulation, support corruption, aiding Israel aggression after aggression, and the economic sanctions, it's so little that it is not worth mentioning.
Yet, the US officials are trying to blackmail their Lebanese counterparts for concessions in exchange of the 17 million US dollars (that's an m, not a b) and declaring that any US aid delivered to Lebanon will go through a net of agents the USA groomed over the years in the country to serve its purpose!
More details about the losses and the US heinous acts in this report: Beirut Port Blast Latest Toll: 190 Killed and $15 Billion in Material Losses.

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