Friday, May 8, 2020

Madman Erdogan Blocks Alouk Water to Civilians, Plots More Ethnic Cleansing

Madman Erdogan thug mercenaries have followed up on yesterday’s criminal destruction of the Zeyzoun thermal cooling tower in Idlib countryside by again cutting off the Alouk water plant that supplies drinking water to civilians in Hasakah.

Allouk Water Pumping Station North Syria

This is part of Turkey’s ongoing plot to Israelize regions of Syria: Ethnic cleansing of indigenous Syrians via destruction of essential infrastructure, followed by settling these areas with radical human terrorists and their families brought from other parts of Syria and from the rest of the world.

The Turkish Madman Erdogan has recently had problems with fratricide and fragging, among his greedy factions of criminally deranged, Captagon-fueled, greedy killers for hire.

The Syrian government has announced the return to... Continue reading:

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