Friday, March 6, 2020

Tsar Putin Brings the Sultan Wannabe Erdogan Half Way Down the Tree

Ten days ago the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov offered the neo-Ottoman Sultan wannabe Erdogan a very large banana that time to come down the tree which he climbed very fast and very high, he rejected it.

Five days later, the IRGC offered a smaller Iranian banana to Erdogan to come down the tree and showed a stick in case he goes higher up, he rejected that as well and tried to go further up.
Yesterday, the Russian Tsar Putin brought Erdogan to the Kremlin, held him behind closed doors one on one for 3 hours, and extended with Erdogan’s entourage for another 3 hours, he offered him a carrot, Erdogan took the carrot and was very thankful to the Tsar.
Prior to yesterday’s summit between the established Tsar Putin and the wannabe Sultan the Turkish madman Erdogan, the latter was issuing threats the combined forces of NATO couldn’t achieve when they were at the height of their power and at the weakest time of the Syrian Arab Republic. The Ottoman wanted the Syrian Arab Army to withdraw from the Syrian province of Idlib, handover cities and towns freed during the past month from al-Qaeda terrorists back to those sub-humans, accept free movement of the Turkish Janissary and lift the siege off their posts they established within the Syrian province, and to stay away from the Damascus – Aleppo, and Aleppo – Latakia highways, yes, utterly insane but what to expect from someone like Erdogan?
After fierce battles throughout the month the Syrian Arab Army and their allies fought against thousands of anti-Islamic al-Qaeda terrorists and thousands of the Turkish Janissary forces (TSK or Turkish Army), the SAA managed to... Continue reading:

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