Friday, February 28, 2020

Syrian Arab Army Besieges Turkish Army’s 10th Military Post in Idlib

The Syrian Arab Army units cleaning the province of Idlib from NATO-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists have besieged the Turkish Army 10th military post in the province.

Turkish Army established a number of military posts with the approval of Russia and Iran under the Astana and Sochi agreements in order to help secure the Damascus – Aleppo (M5) and Aleppo – Latakia (M4) highways, segregate head-chopping terrorists who refuse a political solution from the head-chopping terrorists who would like to be whitewashed and become political leaders. the agreements also sought to disarm the head-choppers from heavy weapons provided before to them by Turkey and other US allies.
Turkey failed all the above points and Erdogan, the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Turk hypocrite, and backstabber, used these military post to provide military, communication, and logistical assistance to the head-choppers who refuse to become community leaders, and instead increased their indiscriminate shelling of the communities they refused to become leaders of.
In its military operation to implement the Sochi and Astana agreements by... Continue reading (video included):

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