Saturday, January 11, 2020

Additional 6 Months Given to NATO Terrorists North of Syria by the UNSC

Al-Qaeda terrorists operating in the north of Syria and oppressing millions of Syrians can now breathe comfort after the United Nations Security Council extended their supply routes from their regional sponsor NATO member state Turkey for an additional Six months within its Resolution 2504.

Thousands of earlier UNSC resolutions remain unimplemented, especially those related to solving the violations of the Israeli apartheid regime against the people of Palestine, Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon and the cross-border assassinations it carries out due to the absolute protection it gets from the three NATO member states in the UNSC.
His Excellency Bashar al Jaafari addressed the UN Security Council on Resolution 2504, on 10 January. The resolution subsequently passed, in what might be the largest Pontius Pilate abstention votes (4) in UN history. Scant reports suggest it is a watered-down extension of the criminal... Continue reading:

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