Monday, March 18, 2019

US-Led SS Starves Syrians in Rukban Concentration Camp, Blames Maduro

Rukban concentration camp created and controlled by the USA on Syrian soil is a stark evidence of US hypocrisy pushing aid unto Venezuela.

The Regime Change operation under way in Venezuela is a replica of the same operation undergoing in Syria for the past 8 years, instead of al-Qaeda and ISIS the US and its cronies were able to bring to Syria, we are still waiting to see who they'll bring to Venezuela.

It's a text book and they execute it by the letter, even when their steps do not make sense at all, they'll never be challenged by the Pentagon propagandists aka mainstream or established media, let alone their Congress, Parliament or any of their own people's representatives.

The US-led Schutzstaffel continues to starve its hostages in the Rukban Concentration Camp. The recreation of the SS invader troops — of course –includes illegal French and British occupiers. The US has kept its fascist threat to hold the 40,000 or more Syrian IDPs captive, and has upped its demonic ante by also refusing to allow the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to bring in essential humanitarian goods. Ignored by NATO media, these war crimes are directed by the “same US shouting out loud that its humanitarian aid convoy is blocked by Maduro.”

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