Monday, July 23, 2018

A New Israeli Aggression Against Syria

Israeli jets Bombs Near Missyaf - Syria from Over Lebanon
Israeli US-made fighter jets targeted a Syrian military post near a research center in Masyaf, Hama, central of Syria, evening local time, causing material damage in the place. The Israeli jets fired its missiles from over Lebanese Hermil village.

The bombing that was carried out at 19:17 Syria local time was an unusual as Israel have continuously bombed sites within Syria in the dense of the nights to assist ISIS and other branches of the FSAthroughout the Syrian crisis.

With the latest swift collapse of its proxies of ISIS, Nusra Front, and other terrorist groups operating against the Syrian state, Israel is the biggest loser trying to obtain some guarantees from Moscow to protect its occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights under the... Continue reading:

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